Sales Techniques

Everyone’s in Sales – Building a Sales Culture

If you’re reading this, then you are in sales. Everyone is part of a sales culture, whether you are in the “C” suite, or a member of the legal or administrative department; whether you own your business or are the receptionist in a Fortune 500 company.  A sales culture means that everyone’s in sales.  Does …

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Just Say “NO” to NO!

“It’s so much easier to say “no!” even though there is a “yes” yearning to get out” We do all kinds of things to sabotage our success.  Things like closing a sale, getting a job offer, convincing a patient to adopt a course of treatment – the list is endless. Everyday brings countless opportunities to sell something …

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Three Words to Avoid!

There are three words that are absolutely deadly to sales, our careers and our very psyche. These three words when uttered send a very negative message  to everyone around us.  These words  – just nine letters and one apostrophe can have an incredibly detrimental effect on our ability to create new relationships, establish credibility and …

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