Just Say “NO” to NO!

“It’s so much easier to say “no!” even though there is a “yes” yearning to get out” We do all kinds of things to sabotage our success.  Things like closing a sale, getting a job offer, convincing a patient to adopt a course of treatment – the list is endless. Everyday brings countless opportunities to sell something

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Three Words to Avoid!

There are three words that are absolutely deadly to sales, our careers and our very psyche. These three words when uttered send a very negative message  to everyone around us.  These words  – just nine letters and one apostrophe can have an incredibly detrimental effect on our ability to create new relationships, establish credibility and

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FIRE Your Prospect!

Voicemail. Email. More voicemail. A few more emails. Wondering what is going on. Making excuses in your mind why the prospect is not calling you back. Talking with your manager about all the possible scenarios as to why the deal you have been working on (and forecasting) has not closed. More email. Maybe another voicemail.

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Becoming a Thought Leader

Thought leaders earn respect. Sales professionals who distinguish themselves as being thought leaders are more likely to earn respect and get the deal closed. I believe this passionately and completely. Sales professionals as thought leaders? Is that an oxymoron? No! You heard it here first! I think that it is common for people to think

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