Brochure Selling?!

I had an interesting email the other day from a member of our sales community. She asked me if it is “normal” to not leave brochures with a client. Now, apart from the general fact that I don’t think we can decide what is normal, I responded that I have several schools of thought on […]

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Emotional Selling

I was finishing my morning walk and stopped in to the local Starbucks and saw some people having a heated discussion where one person was obviously trying to convince the other to adopt his view on whatever it was they were talking about. The discussion was very emotional (and quite passionate), and it started me

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The Politics of a Sale

I was talking with a change agent/guru this morning, and we started to talk about the politics behind a sale and getting the deal closed. I started to reminisce with him about some of the deals in my early career where I believed that I had done everything right and met the prospects’ expectations. I

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The Secret of Sales Is…

Dear Todd Cohen Sales Community members, What do you think the secrets of sales success are? Is it a vast well of closely held, deep, dark secrets that only a few master, or is it there right in front of you?I have talked, held sales coaching classes, and lectured on this for years, and I’ve thought

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