The 5 Most Important Words

Dear Sales Community,

I was having breakfast with my friend Dr. Richard Marcus today, and he had the most amazing thing to say.

Richard is a consulting psychologist and is highly regarded in his field – and after our conversation, I am again reminded why. We were talking about networking and how that is truly the lifeblood of how business moves. Richard asked me if I knew “the 5 most important words of networking”? The answer is simple. Get out your pen and get ready…

“I received your name from…

And the SECOND most important 5 words are “I am giving your name to…”

Networking is all about being proactive. Listening to what people do and making sure that when you have a reason to refer someone to someone else you DO IT. Too often people think networking is about collecting cards.  Wrong.

Networking is about truly taking the time to “get what someone does and going out of your way to make a referral and when you make it, you add your comments and endorsement.” Period.

When you are known as someone who refers and does it the right way, you then build your sales culture – and you have armies of proxy salespeople who will be passionate about returning the networking favor. Then you will be hearing those 5 amazing words.

Good Selling!


3 thoughts on “The 5 Most Important Words”

  1. Charlie Huntington

    Nicely done, Todd.

    I like Richard’s five words…but how ’bout…

    Let me shovel you out!



  2. “Thank you for your business”

    “Thank you for meeting with me”

    “Thank you for your time”

    “Thank you for the opportunity”

    I am always surprised when the customer tells me so few sales people thank them for their business.

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