Networking and The Importance of Following Up!

I spend a great deal of time networking.  When I am not delivering a keynote or a workshop, I am out and about meeting and connecting people. I am also asking for connections. Networking is the lifeblood of how business is done. I have learned to network from some true masters along the way and I will always yield to their expertise. That’s not news and is not the focus of this article.  What I am thinking about today is how people do and do NOT follow up after I do my part and their networking happens.  It’s a real problem and I hope to solve it today.  OK.. perhaps I am being ambitious, but let’s give it a try.

Here are a few of my rules of the road when it comes to completing the networking cycle:

When I take the time to connect two people it means I have taken the time to write an email or make a phone call introducing two people and inviting and encouraging them to connect. I expect that those two parties will acknowledge the email or phone call and make the connection as soon as possible.  24 hours is a good rule.  Same day is better.  I know things get in the way or perhaps we are traveling but do your best.

  1. If you don’t make the connection after I have done what I do it’s rude and it’s embarrassing. It’s my reputation on the line and if you don’t do your end then I look bad.
  2. Once you make connection and figure out how you are going to connect with the other person, let me know. I want to know that you connected and that things are in motion.  I love playing professional matchmaker and it’s a thrill to know that things are in progress.
  3. After you connect and have a meeting or a phone call which means you have completed the cycle I set in motion, let me know! Don’t leave me hanging and wondering if my efforts paid off.  Give me details!  I’m curious if my matchmaking made a connection.
  4. Say “thank you”.
  5. Cliché alert- Reciprocate, reciprocate and reciprocate again. Pay it forward.

Networking is a constant living cycle and responsible, professional and timely follow up is a part of that cycle.   If you want to be the recipient of more connections and good intentions then follow up to the connector is a mandatory part of the cycle.  Always be a gracious receiver of others networking energy and be proactive about saying “thank you” and “is there anything I can do for you?”

1 thought on “Networking and The Importance of Following Up!”


    and Second good important follow-up tips, thank you.

    I do have a question though, if I did as you suggest, emailed or sent a note the next day how long should I wait if no response back! a day a week? and should I keep trying?


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