The Innovators Club Lives Large in Philadelphia

Dear Todd Cohen Sales Community,

Networking at its finest took place on January 8th in Philadelphia!

Our inaugural meeting of my new networking initiative, The Innovators Club, was amazing (standing room only!). The comments have been wonderful and very kind. I want to thank everyone who came – you made the night special and made it come alive. We could not have done it without the trust you placed in us by coming out.

A special “THANK YOU” to our speaker, Chuck Sacco of PhindMe. His comments totally resonated with everyone and were very timely. If you want to know more about PhindMe, check out the

A final note of “Thanks” to my to co-founders, Jim Worth and Lynda Esposito. You both rock and make doing this fun.

If you could not make this meeting, no worries – we will be doing it every month and will have great speakers. Please keep checking the blog site and for more information.
See everyone in a month! Let’s try and fill up the bigger room at the Great American Pub.

Good Selling!


3 thoughts on “The Innovators Club Lives Large in Philadelphia”

  1. Todd back at you! You and Jim make this a great venture to be a part of as well as plan. I believe the Innovators Club is truly a piece of art – – one whose canvass is filled by those who invest their time in attending and contributing!

    I look forward to next month! Keep up all of your great work in “spreading the word”!

  2. Great work Todd!

    I expect that we can continue to work together to help make the Philadelphia region a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship.

    You are doing a great thing here, and let’s all continue to support this great forum.

  3. I was not able to make it, but I have heard through people who were there what a super event it was-I will not miss the next one! I am a Philadelphia based web entrepreneur and I cant afford not to mix with my peers!

    Dave Jackson

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