The Joy of Referrals

Dear Sales Community,

Hey…what gives? Where is the core understanding that we as sales professionals live and die by our ability to proactively share and refer our trusted colleagues to people we know? Hello? Are you listening?

Creating a sales community and a sales culture depends on many things, and high on that list is understanding the value proposition of people you have networked with and trust – and to find ways to refer them.

Referrals are the lifeblood of our work, and it is more important now that we generously refer and ask for referrals to advance our business!  Let me be clear – there is joy and pleasure in making referrals and that is tenfold when one comes back your way. If you don’t feel a rush and sense of pleasure when you can make a connection, then stand aside. Please.

Final note: What goes around – comes around. Don’t bet against that maxim.

Good selling and referring….


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