The Most Valuable Component Sales Community:

Here is a question to think about as we enter the last quarter of 2009: How do you leverage the value of your customer relationships, both for yourself and for your customer?   You are in this business relationship together and so you are both actually selling to each other, since both will benefit from the others’ success.  You, yourself, will make it your business to work collaboratively to establish trust and a sense of interdependence between you.

Your customer is the most valuable component of your business, to say the least.  You must, I repeat, must leverage that value to create your own success.  When a customer complains, expresses concerns or dissatisfaction, or even says  “No” to a proposal, this is an  opportunity for you.  It opens a door for you to better understand his specific needs.  He is indirectly sharing them with you by inviting you to continue the conversation.  Ask that customer for permission to explore further and discover how you can better understand and serve those needs.  This is how you leverage the value of that customer and his initial rejection of your ideas, products, or services.  Interdependence just happens when you approach the customer this way.

Doing this makes your value to your customer so obvious.  He will become your trusted advisor on his own account.  What a situation to have! Don’t forget – your client is your most precious asset!

As always, let me know what you think!

Good Selling!


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