The Pure Exuberance of Sales

I am asked every so often why I like sales. I have many ways I could answer that question, but the one I keep coming back to is “exuberance.” There is nothing – and I mean nothing – like the feeling I get when I have a conversation with both prospects and clients where they “get it,” our mutual excitement grows, and the possibility of a good thing happening increases. You know the feeling I am talking about. It’s the one where you genuinely connect with someone and he or she sees your perspective, understands your point of view, and has a positive response of asking you more questions, which just inspires you to offer more and keep going. It’s the pure exuberance of a mutual connection. You know in your bones you have intrigued them and it’s going your way. Adrenaline is flowing, and you feel light and maybe even a little buoyant. They get it and are likely to buy. That exuberance is an incredible feeling. It’s what keeps me in the game. It’s what keeps you there as well.

I remember my days at Xerox when one of favorite managers used to say to me “The day that you don’t get excited about ink on a contract is the day you need to get out.” I think things have evolved a bit since then (and I know I have) but the concept is still sound. The day that we feel as if we just don’t care when we connect with someone is the day to get out. The essence of sales is about the connection you make between you, your offer, and the buyer. When these three elements are lined up, it’s like being on an accelerating jet or your favorite amusement park ride.

Is this feeling of exuberance just limited to salespeople? No way. Everyone’s in sales, and this is another way that I can prove it to you. We all have to sell, inspire, and convince other people every day. When we are successful and we make that connection, there is a deep feeling of satisfaction and completion that goes along with that. You just did something you thought you didn’t have to or couldn’t do – you sold someone on something and you got the “deal.” Does it feel good? Damn right it does! The feeling of exuberance and excitement that we get when we are successful is not limited to professional salespeople. It’s for anyone rewarded for achieving what they had to sell to achieve their goals!

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  1. Todd:
    great point….I believe another factor that runs parallel is the ability to make a difference, go mile after mile, and give unconditionally to your client. These are my drivers as well…not resting, creating urgency, to make that connection. Everyone in a company has this ability to enjoy this perspective and take gratification of making a difference.

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