Todd Cohen Sales Culture e-Learning Course is Announced!

On June 30th, I will be releasing the first in a series of Todd Cohen Sales Culture e-Learning courseware! “Essential Selling Skills” is now available for pre-order at a special price of $49.00. The normal post launch price will be $89.00 as of July 1st.  Reserve your copy now!

As an added bonus, I will include my companion e-book “Essential Selling Skills” at no charge.

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Everyone is in sales! This audio and e-learning course describes the skills necessary to manage effective sales campaigns. They are personal, professional, business-related, and innovative in nature, and they ensure that you will achieve exceptional sales results. These skills also enable your organization to build and benefit from a sales culture.  Creating a sales culture ensures that your organization will sustain itself through these exceptional sales results. These sales results are created by everyone in the organization, since it takes the expertise and knowledge of all company members to ensure sales success.  Therefore, everyone in the organization must develop essential sales skills, as led by the sales professionals. The sales professionals should be the most competent in mastering and using these skills with both with external customers and everyone in the organization who will contribute expertise as part of a virtual team to the sales campaign. Everyone understands customers and their needs and is prepared to serve those needs, just as the sales professional routinely serves.  Everyone is in sales!

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