Sales Culture Expert Todd Cohen Unveils New Workshops Promoting His Original Concept “Everyone’s In Sales”

PHILADELPHIA, April 16, 2013 – Sales keynote speaker Todd Cohen is unveiling his newly updated sales culture workshops and is introducing new one-day training programs based on his original concept and book, “Everyone’s in Sales.”

“Sales is part of the DNA of every organization,” said Cohen, who based his pioneering work on sales culture that transcends sales training and turns it into an organization that includes everyone into the sales process and the sales conversation.

As the original sales culture thought leader, Cohen has created more intellectual property around this topic than any other sales expert. He pioneered the concept of sales culture metrics to measure the effectiveness of this concept and to prove its ROI.

“The newly updated sales culture workshops are based on my continuing research, which shows how an entire organization, not just any one person, is selling,” said Cohen, whose clients include Ernst & Young, Subaru and Corning.

Cohen has been shaping the conversation about this topic as he delivered keynote addresses and breakout training sessions to companies, trade groups and associations in areas such as automotive, landscape, financial services, insurance and real estate industries.

His new and updated workshops include:

“Everyone’s in Sales,” his signature multi-day workshop that has introduced sales training tactics to thousands of people who ordinarily would not be part of the sales process. The workshop is based on his ground-breaking book, “Everyone’s in Sales,” and focuses on all the principles of creating a sales culture.

“Building a Sales Culture Business Plan,” a new one-day workshop that adds accountability to sales programs. This workshop answers the questions, “How am I going to make my sales numbers using the skills of everyone in the company?” and “How can I accurately predict sales performance?” This one-day workshop takes everyone step by step through the process of building a sales culture business plan so everyone can see what they need to do and how they need to do it. “Most organizations don’t have a sales plan. They have a random approach to making the number. This is a much better way to predict performance,” he said.

“Presentations Skills for the Sales Culture Professional,” a new one-day workshop that teaches everyone involved in the sales process how to present their ideas in a positive and persuasive manner so the customer says “Yes.” The workshop is appropriate for sales personnel, project managers, account managers, vice presidents, and others who want to improve their presentation skills using speeches, PowerPoint, trade shows, panel presentations and face-to-face selling opportunities. “Sales people need to be better speakers,” he said. “Selling is presenting. Many businesses overlook this important fact,” he said.

“Many companies have only a few people dedicated to selling. But selling is everyone’s job – from the bookkeeper to receptionists. If anyone presents a bad impression, the company could lose a customer and a sale,” said Cohen, a sales training keynote speaker who works with solo-preneurs and small companies.

“Companies realize that engaging everyone in sales helps to improve their profits and create new jobs,” said Cohen. “If employees feel they are part of the team and see that their work matters, they will be happy and stay on the job, thus saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting expenses.”

“We all contribute to sales. They just need to be shown what to say. It is a message that resonates across all disciplines inside Fortune 500 companies, small business, professional service firms, staffing companies, manufacturing, health care and even human resources,” said Cohen.