Tweeting to Closed Business?!

Dear Sales Community,

Are you using the vast array of social media tools to help you close business? No doubt that tools like Twitter and Facebook have changed the landscape of how we do business, and help get our value proposition “out there.” So that we are clear, I am not an “expert” in social media (although it seems to me that suddenly everyone else is!).  I am looking for your thoughts and impressions on how you use Twitter or Facebook.

To that end, I recently interviewed Chuck Sacco, the CEO of PhindMe Mobile about this topic. Chuck and I had a great discussion about Twitter and here are a few of his thoughts about social media and sales: “The collaborative effect of social media allows you to work with your account to validate your value proposition.” Further, Chuck noted that “this helps make the sales process more transparent, which leads to a higher degree of trust” I agree! Do you? Are you using Twitter to build your sales culture?

Let me know what you think on the blog.

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2 thoughts on “Tweeting to Closed Business?!”

  1. While growing up, to be called a “Twit” was not a complementary remark…and now, it is fashionable and probably geeky so I guess those of us who Tweet are Twits, which was a prior “Tweet”. Although I am “old school” and I’m of the opinion that Tweeting and/or any other social media may not “Close a Business Deal”, I do believe it is imperative to be on the technology train to attract, gain trust and capture the tech savvy audience, especially now. It is cost effective, immediate and “Green”. It is an opportunity to get the value proposition noticed and to answer the underlying, unasked question by potential clients as they peruse your site or glance at the 140 characters or less of a “Tweet”, “What’s in it for me?” Therefore, the succinct statement or phrase must be catchy and worth a further look while giving a hint to the answer if you provide the link. As far as transparency of the sales process, I have not had that experience and lacking insight, I’m having difficulty envisioning how this could pertain to my business as a REALTOR(R). It may not apply to all types of businesses but opening an independent real estate brokerage in the height of a recession, I’ll give it a “GO”. Hence my latest tweet yesterday (I launched my website)——- “Going Green?

  2. It is too bad that so many are caught up in the tools and looking to have them do miracles. We should all go back to the basics of marketing and set your goals and see what makes sense from there instead of the other way around. What we generally tell folks is to listen first – you wouldn’t go up to a group of folks who are already talking and just interrupt with what you wanted to talk about. You find out what the conversation is all about and see if you have anything to add – if yes then put your two cents in – if not continue to listen.

    Have i gotten valuable contacts, information and business as a result of twitter or facebook – yes but it takes time and patience and a plan.

    If y ou are going to blog, tweet or have a facebook – have something to say or show.

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