What makes a Great Sales Culture?

Great Sales Cultures

We are going to be spending time this year having a conversation about great (and not so great) sales cultures. I recently asked a group of colleagues and associates from my Linked-In Network and members of the ToddCohen.com sales community “When you think of sales culture, what is the first thing that comes to your mind”? The responses have been very enlightening and I want to share some of them with you now!

“…the first thing that comes to my mind is environment — that mix of people (the most important) and processes that create an ecosystem where the culture of the organization is sales and customer satisfaction…” Renny Guida, Thomson Corporation

“Sales culture is a company environment that drives all thinking and efforts towards customer success. This should permeate all levels of the organization from the executive suite to the clerk entering bills. Everyone in the company is in sales, and a great sales culture reinforces that continually.” Chuck Sacco, CEO PhindMe

Make sure you check my blog on this topic for updates and more conversation on sales culture.This is an important conversation for us to have in 2008. I invite you all to be a part!

11 Months to go to CLOSE the Business!

Its hard to believe January is gone! Todd, that means that there are two months left in the first quarter to get ahead of the plan. This also means we need to use those last 11 months to meet and beat the plan. I have always said to my sales teams that time flies in life and “it is not any slower in sales days!”. Make sure you are maximizing your time now.

New Podcast

I have released my fifth new podcast! This one is called “Working in Virtual Teams”. The response to my podcast series continues to be wonderful and I thank you. All of the podcasts are enjoying solid download stats from my website and from Apple iTunes! Listen all you want! Let me know what topics you want to hear!

The Innovator’s Club

The first meeting of the Philadelphia based Innovators Club on January 8 was a big success. Our second meeting is February 12 at the Great American Pub in Conshohocken. The guest speaker will be Will Reynolds, Founder of SEER Interactive and a true web pioneer. Please make plans to join us and members of the ToddCohen.com sales community who are focused on making the Delaware Valley a hotbed for web development! Check out the Innovators Club blog for updates and RSVP information. See you there!

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