Why We Do What We Do

Dear ToddCohen.com Sales Community,

Once in a while, our efforts are noticed and recognized. I wanted to share this note I received as the result of a speech I gave this past weekend to people in career transition. The title is “Everyone Is in Sales; Using Smart Sales Techniques in Career Transition”.

“Dear Todd,

I stopped to thank you after your presentation at the meeting on Saturday and wanted to share this with you now. I think that sometimes people don’t get to know how much of a difference they make in people’s lives. You do and you should hear about it. Last week was the first week that I got really stuck. Once upon a time I had a fun professional life. When my mom started to get sick, my life changed… but I had made my choices long before then. I cared for her for many years and have been out of serious work for a very long time. My contacts are long gone and last year I had to give up my home. So thank you. I left on Saturday feeling rejuvenated. Your energy and humor are absolutely awesome and you are more than generous with your time and resources. You gave us focus and reminded us of what was important.

That’s all.

Thank you. As a sales professional, I am deeply gratified and moved to know I made a small difference. That’s what it’s all about.

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  1. Todd, congrats on making a difference. You are spot on, this is what it’s all about. It’s associates like us in the Sales Culture Community that take this to heart and it validates that we are the ones who make it happen. Your commitment and investment to your passion and clients is contagious. Thanks for sharing!

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