You are Compelling.

I have been watching people for many years, and I have come to a few necessary and very unscientific conclusions about people who are successful at selling themselves and those who are not. Frankly, it’s not rocket science. It’s just common sense. Moreover, some confidence.

You have something that you are genuinely excited about. You do – seriously. The challenge is you might think that others don’t care and that false belief is what holds you back from engaging. 

“If you want to sell more you need to engage more.”

I was at a friends home for dinner a year or so ago and there was another guest there whom I had never met. Of course, I asked, “what do you do?” His comment was ” oh, you wouldn’t be interested.” This, of course, was like throwing me red meat and I said: ” try me.” He went on to tell me that “he owned a package delivery franchise.” Now what he couldn’t possibly know is that one of my favorite clients happens to be a huge package delivery organization and I have always been fascinated by the logistics of how these companies can get a package from point A to point B! Supply chain interests me – I guess it’s my inner nerd coming out. Well, the short version is that this guest and I had wound up having a two-hour conversation about the business and now I am his client. At the end of the conversation, I said to him ” you are very compelling in how you related to me and my curiosity.” He replied ” I guess I always assumed no one really cared.” Bad assumption and corrosive belief.

“Being compelling is selling.”

The lesson is clear. We all have something that is very interesting and compelling. When given the opportunity we love to talk about it. That opportunity lights us up, and it grabs people. It’s not the topic, but the energy and passion you put behind it. It’s your vulnerability and willingness to drop your guard and be you and share. Don’t assume you are boring.

Your willingness to believe that you and your interests can be compelling to others is the bridge between you and someone you can develop a new relationship with which will lead to something wonderful – and at the same time you sell yourself.

“Everyone conversation is a selling moment. Being compelling influences others to engage.”

Todd Cohen, CSP is an accomplished and sought after international keynote speaker, sales culture expert and author of “Everyone’s in Sales” and “ STOP Apologizing and Start Selling”

Todd’s dynamic and motivational keynotes and workshops are based on the foundation that regardless of career path or position, everyone is a salesperson. Since 1984, Todd has led sales teams to deliver more than $950 million in revenue for leading companies including Xerox and Thomson-Reuters. You can also see Todd’s articles on Sales Culture in many magazines, trade journals and the Huffington Post.

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