You Are Not Entitled

Recently, I was teaching one of my Sales Culture workshops and a student asked me “What is the worst thing a sales professional can do”? The answer in my mind was an easy one and did not require much contemplation on my part. The worst thing a sales professional can do is act entitled. It’s that simple.  In fact, I believe that a basic requirement to achieve the status of great sales professional is to rise above all feelings of entitlement.

I have seen many great sales professionals, and I can say a common trait among all of them is that they do not go through their careers thinking that they are entitled or that anyone owes them a single thing.  These people come to work every day and give it their all. There are no expectations and no sense of “you owe me.” Their attitude screams of getting the job done and done well! They leverage their virtual teams as best as they can.

The downfall of the sales rep is acting as if or thinking that they are entitled. Here is a simple maxim I try to instill on my clients and sales culture students: If you want to see continued success and be the best sales professional you can be, then make sure the job you do and the sales culture you build is about the client and doing the right thing. It’s not about you.

Don’t act entitled and you will be a great sales professional. It IS that simple.

Good Selling!


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  1. This is something everyone should know, yet often forget. As I learn more about sales and what makes a good sales person, I realize that these qualities are just good to be aware of in life and will get you where you want to go no matter your profession. Thanks for the reminder, Todd!

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