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The First and Original Sales Mindset Coach.

"In life, you meet very few people who, after a prolonged relationship, you can describe as "truly one of the best at what he does." Todd Cohen belongs to that elite club.
Todd's message is powerful. His direction is clear. His assessments of seemingly-complex interpersonal situations are spot-on, candid, and constructive. And his advice distills those apparent complications down to simple steps for resolution via methodologies that do not fail. Most importantly, he walks through that advice, obtains his client's buy-in, and then uses the consultation as a method by which to give the him or her the tools to similarly assess and react -- the right way -- on his or her own in future situations.
Todd is a master at imbuing in his clients the fundamental concepts of "being present," "building a virtual sales team," "staying connected," and always ending with an "ask." Simply put, having his guidance and advice have been more influential on my life -- primarily professional, but also personal -- than almost any other professional relationship I have built over the last 25 through 30 years.
If you are fortunate enough to work with him, do so. Full stop.

-Jim Agar, Managing Director of Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Services (Commercial) at EisnerAmper LLP

Every Individual is unique. Every group has its own set of needs. Every year, a limited number of individual coaching clients are accepted. This is to ensure maximum attention and focus. Contact Todd to discuss your specific coaching requirements.

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