Hiring Todd Cohen as your Keynote Speaker isn't just an event decision.

"It's an organizational game-changer."

#1 Speaker on Sales, Mindset and Culture

Todd explains what "Everyone's in Sales" Means To Your Company.

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* Certified Speaking Professional ("CSP")

The CSP is the highest awarded designation by the National Speakers Association. Only 17% of NSA members have earned this prestigious international designation.

Todd Cohen's Programs Elevate your Company's Culture from "Status Quo to Status Grow." 

Todd brings unparalleled dynamism to your events, catalyzing a cultural transformation within your team—a transformation that can improve top and bottom-line performance. His expertise lies not in mere "sales training" but in fostering a sales culture and mindset that underlines excellence across the organization.

"Dynamic and Motivational Keynote Speaker"

Experience Todd Cohen's inspiring storytelling, vulnerability, and humor to elevate your team and achieve new heights of success.

"Masterful Command of a Room"

Unlock the full potential of your organization with Todd Cohen as your next keynote speaker! Renowned for his interactive sessions and unmatched energy, Todd doesn't just train – he transforms. Say goodbye to stale speeches and hello to a captivating and unique experience that motivates your team to achieve excellence. With Todd's insights into cultivating a robust sales culture and a winning sales mindset, your organization is perfectly poised for unparalleled success. Don't miss the chance to bring this tidal wave of motivation and excellence to your team – choose Todd Cohen and witness the transformation!


Steve Scebelo, President.

The NFL-Players Association ( NFLPA)

"Todd is dynamic, engaging, and compelling! His Sales Culture message removes any of the fear or negative connotations associated with the word "sales"...we ALL do it!"

Todd Cohen's Best Selling Books On Sales Culture

Todd has written his third book on Sales Culture. The book is meant for everyone who wishes to embrace their inner salesperson and distinguish between a sales mindset and a sales stereotype. If you want to advance your career, create a powerful visibility, and get more of what you have worked so hard to achieve, this book is for you!

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This book is the ultimate guide to building a Sales Culture that will help you achieve higher revenue and employee satisfaction. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn how to transform your business.

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Everyone, at work and at home, is constantly selling their ideas. This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to persuade others more effectively.

All copies purchased here will be autographed!

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