"Everyone's in Sales".

 Not just another form of "sales training."  Crushing the negative stereotype of sales.

A company with a  sales culture understands that the complex process of a client saying "yes" involves everyone in the organization. The company leverages the sales mindset and sales behaviors of every member of an organization.  The sales team and the rest of the company are not meant to be "siloed" and can't be separated.

"Everyone's in Sales.  Every conversation is a selling moment."

Sales Culture improves results in all organizations. The Sales Culture Methodology brings a new mindset of every single employee to the company. When integrated into the fabric of the establishment and embraced by all employees Todd's sales culture mindset and behavior generates greater sales, happier staff, more satisfied clients, and a better working environment.

"No one wakes up and decides to be overhead."

Traditional sales professionals, non-sales people, solo entrepreneurs, and employees of large corporations all benefit from adopting the Sales Culture methodology. It is an environment where everyone understands his or her role in the organization, collaboration is valued, and customer satisfaction is paramount.

"Don't do anything different; think differently about what you do."

The Sales Culture mindset enables each person to embrace and leverage his or her unique talents and contribute to the overall success of the business. By thinking differently about how each conversation and interaction is an opportunity to cultivate a relationship, you can directly impact the client's decision-making process.

"Every conversation is a sales conversation."

Everyone's In Sales.