"Yes, we want to bring down the silo culture and create a sales culture."

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  • Todd shows how to bring done the silos that keep your customers from giving you the business.
  • Is your entire organization engaged in the "sales" process?
  • Would you like to get MORE from the sales training investments you’re already making?
  • Does your organization have sales reps or sales professionals?
  • Are you frustrated with mediocre results in sales or ( for the nonprofit) donor activity?
  • Is your company missing your revenue and profit projections?

If you want better answers to these tough questions, then you want to implement a powerful Sales Culture at YOUR company so your team never sells alone.

David Druker

President and CEO, The UPS Store of Canada

Everyone's in sales are scary words for those who have not met Todd.  Once you have, though, his genuine approach and relatable methods assist all team members to understand and truly understand that it is truly job one.  Regardless of title, we all have to create sales moments and cement relationships for true success.

Todd's keynotes and workshops erase the fear of the unknown and empower our national network to grow by creating sales moments and relationships with our clients."

How Does Todd Deliver?

Sales Culture Keynotes • Sales Culture Workshops™ • Sales Culture Consulting
Todd Cohen delivers to manage, leverage, and profit from new sales behaviors throughout your organization increasing results and revenue.

Delivery options include:
  • Inspiring Keynotes.
  • In-depth hands-on and interactive workshops.
  • Executive coaching for individuals and teams.
  • Hands-on sales team enhancement.
  • Customized Videos for Training and Onboarding.
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