How Do I Begin to Build a Profit-Rich Sales Culture?

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  • Is your entire organization engaged in the "sales" process?
  • Would you like to get MORE from the sales training investments you’re already making?
  • Does your organization have sales reps or sales professionals?
  • Are you frustrated with mediocre results sales or ( for the non profit) donor activity?
  • Is your company missing your revenue and profit projections?

If you want better answers to these tough questions then you want to implement a powerful Sales Culture at YOUR company so your team never sells alone.


Vice President, Premier Event Management
Premier Event Management is the sponsor of the Premier CIO Forum in 17 cities across the US. These gatherings are the top conference for CIO's and IT Professionals. We have engaged Todd Cohen to keynote on how to create a sales culture at every show and he is consistently rated as one of the TOP speakers at every show! Todd is an outstanding public speaker-engaging, funny and a highly effective communicator at conveying a non traditional message to a diverse and demanding audience. We highly recommend that you get Todd in front of your audience today for an amazing experience.

How Does Todd Deliver?

Sales Culture Keynotes • Sales Culture Workshops™ • Sales Culture Consulting
Todd Cohen delivers to manage, leverage, and profit from new sales behaviors throughout your organization increasing results and revenue.


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