Todd Cohen’s Sales Culture Workshops are a cornerstone of his overall strategic approach to helping clients increase revenue and improve customer and employee satisfaction. Todd leverages his past experiences managing global people teams to teach sales and non-sales professionals how to turn every conversation into a “selling moment.”

The Methodology of the Sales Culture Workshop™

  1. Live delivery of content in an interactive workshop format and utilizing Todd's Sales Culture Problem Solving Framework;
  2. Reinforcement of major principles through homework assignments; and
  3. Consistent presence. Participants are encouraged to contact Todd with questions and advice throughout the duration of the program.

These modular and customizable workshops are designed to be highly interactive. This approach enables participants to get the most out of the experience and, in turn, the organization maximizes its investment.

Todd has successfully delivered Sales Culture Workshops to clients of all sizes and from a wide array of industries representing franchises professional services, medical, dental, manufacturing and accounting.



Todd’s most popular Sales Culture Workshops:

  • "Everyone's in Sales: Building a sales Culture."
  • "Smashing the Stereotype pf Sales for Success."
  • "What DO You Do? - Perfecting Your Value Proposition."
  • "The Mindset of Successful Networkers"
  • "The SECRET to Handling Objections and Obstacles"
  • "Leadership Development Academy" ( Seven Parts)
  • "Speaker Development Master Class"
  • "Build Your Virtual Sales Team and Build Your Business"

...............and more!

Kristi Howell

President and CEO, Burlington County, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

I loved how Todd Cohen addressed our diverse audience in a short period of time. Todd gave relevant information in a manner that everyone could not only understand but appreciate. He is the perfect combination of education and humor that leaves everyone wanting more.

President and CEO, Burlington County, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce