Expert Consulting to Create a Growth Culture.

Is your organization easy to do business with? Are silos keeping your company from growing?

Does your compensation reward the right behavior?

Are your new sales people set up for success with great onboarding?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you must contact Todd to help boost sales, expand market share, and increase customer satisfaction.

Todd is a sales expert with over 38 years of experience under his belt. He has a proven track record of turning "no" into "yes" and building strong customer relationships that increase sales. Todd started his sales career the traditional way by making cold calls and knocking on doors but quickly rose to become a global sales team manager.

Todd can help you:

  • Recruit top sales talent.
  • Build a sales onboarding plan.
  • Plan and deliver a successful sales meeting.
  • Devise compensation models.
  • and create a sales culture that will boost your revenue.

If you're looking to break down silos and develop a sales culture, Todd is the person to talk to. Contact him directly to explore the many effective services he offers.



Andy Cvitanov

President, CDI

“I strongly recommend Todd Cohen as an individual any organization wanting to increase results more broadly than just through the sales channel should engage. I engaged Todd on behalf of CDI IT Solutions to assist in developing a sales culture across the organization and found value in every recommendation. Additionally, by using him personally to assist with implementation, we accelerated our becoming an industry leader and outpaced our competitors.” 

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