What is different about Todd Cohen’s keynotes?

Many speakers stand behind a podium reading their speech and talking at the audience. Todd, on the other hand, uses humor, wit and memorable examples to engage participants and make “every person in the room feel like he was talking to them directly.” Susan Denchak at Veris.

Before every keynote address, Todd invests time with strategic members of the organization to understand its culture, mission, people, goals and challenges to be sure he is well prepared to meet the client’s needs prior to his keynote address.

As the leading expert in sales culture, Todd’s explains how everyone in an organization has a line of sight to revenue and impacts the customer’s decision to say, “yes.”

His message is applicable to sales and non-sales professionals in all industries and is chock full of useful information that resonates “with everyone in attendance, through all walks of life, no matter where they were in their career.” Katie Jones at American Eagle.

Which Keynote Is Right For You?

For your next trade show, conference, kick-off meeting, leadership retreat or professional development seminar, choose from one of three signature keynotes based on Todd’s latest books.

  • Everyone’s In Sales: Building A Sales Culture
  • Stop Apologizing and Get What You Need, Want and Deserve
  • The Power of Presence: How we all Sell before a Word is Spoken!
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Steve Scebelo

Vice President, NFL Players Inc.

“Todd is dynamic, engaging and compelling! His Sales Culture message removes any of the fear or negative connotations associated with the word “sales” … we ALL do it!”

Mark Style

Director of Sales Operations, VERTEX, Inc.

“Todd is a masterful public speaker with unparalleled expertise in building sales culture in organizations. Easily commanding a room while authentically engaging his audience, Todd leads organizations on journeys to new heights of actionable sales knowledge resulting in optimal team-selling effectiveness. Todd utilizes fundamental selling tenets, his own unique insights, and memorable examples, all presented in riveting fashion with generous dollops of coaching and humor to successfully impart his message with his audience. Any organization looking to leverage other parts of the company to maximize their selling effectiveness should talk with Todd.”

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