Keynotes that Inspire Action for the Entire Company, Fueled by Individual Purpose.

Highly engaging.  Interactive.  Relatable.  Humorous.

When you hire me as your keynote speaker, it's not just another event decision. It can bring about a complete transformation within your organization. I specialize in speaking directly to CEOs, HR professionals, CHROs, and VPs, but everyone who is part of the customer experience. My messages bring an unparalleled level of dynamism to your events. My expertise lies in cultivating a sales culture and mindset rather than just providing sales training. I underline excellence across the organization.

As a global keynote speaker and a certified speaking professional (CSP), I have been transforming the understanding of selling behavior and sales culture for over 16 years. My message is relevant to every organization: every conversation is a selling moment, and every person contributes to the growth and profitability of the organization. Whether I speak to small groups or large audiences of up to 5,000 people, I use humor and real-life examples to demonstrate how everyone can and does sell, regardless of their background or profession.

I am also the best-selling author of three books on sales culture and sales mindset, which have sold over 18,000 copies and are currently in their fourth printing. My books show how to unleash the power of sales culture to boost revenues, profits, and growth and how to overcome the fear or negative connotations associated with sales. I also host the Sales Culture Toddcast, a podcast where I share insights and tips on creating and sustaining a sales culture in any organization. My mission is to help people move from the status quo to the status grow, and to erase the fear of sales. I am passionate about empowering people to embrace their natural sales DNA and to make it work for them.

Choose one of Todd's Signature Keynotes for Your Upcoming Event.

  • "Everyone’s In Sales: Building A Sales Culture"
  • "Mastering the Sales Mindset"
  • "Stop Apologizing and Get What You Need, Want and Deserve"
  • "The Power of Presence: How We All Sell Before a Word is Spoken!"
  • "Developing and Leveraging YOUR Executive Presence"

Steve Scebelo

Vice President, NFL Players Inc.

“Todd is dynamic, engaging and compelling! His Sales Culture message removes any of the fear or negative connotations associated with the word “sales” … we ALL do it!”

Mark Style

Director of Sales Operations, VERTEX, Inc.

“Todd is a masterful public speaker with unparalleled expertise in building sales culture in organizations. Easily commanding a room while authentically engaging his audience, Todd leads organizations on journeys to new heights of actionable sales knowledge resulting in optimal team-selling effectiveness. Todd utilizes fundamental selling tenets, his own unique insights, and memorable examples, all presented in riveting fashion with generous dollops of coaching and humor to successfully impart his message with his audience. Any organization looking to leverage other parts of the company to maximize their selling effectiveness should talk with Todd.”

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