Press Release 07-11-2012

Sales Culture Expert Todd Cohen Elected to Presidency of National Speakers Association Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, July 11, 2012 – Todd Cohen, a popular keynote speaker on the topic of building sales cultures in organizations, was elected president of the National Speakers Association Philadelphia recently.

“Being honored by my fellow speakers is a validation of the speaking and training I’ve done for Fortune 500 companies to small businesses,” said Cohen, a sales training keynote speaker who works with companies like American Express, Subaru and Corning.

“We all contribute to sales. It is a message that resonates across all disciplines inside Fortune 500 companies, small business, professional service firms, staffing companies, manufacturing, health care and even Human Resources,” said Cohen, author of Everyone’s In Sales. “Creating a sales culture helps organizations survive and thrive in today’s world.”

Cohen is a recognized sales culture thought leader and visionary.

“For the past 5 years, I have been defining and shaping the conversation about sales culture.  Creating a sales culture does not solely rest on the sales team’s shoulders – and it does not necessarily even begin there. Building a sales culture is not just about the sales team. The principles of a sales culture are for the entire company to get and embrace – and for everyone to see that it’s not just something the sales team does,” he said.

Sales vice presidents ask Cohen, “What is sales culture ? Why should we build a sales culture?

“I teach in my workshops that what everyone does counts,” said Cohen, who speaks at sales and corporate kickoff meetings, all types of association meetings and trade shows, corporate conferences and retreats, senior leadership meetings and corporate training meetings. “Sales is not just about the sales team – it is very much about the entire organization understanding how their roles are necessary to the company’s long-term success.”

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