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Todd Cohen, Sales Leader
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Hiring Great Sales Talent is Job One

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What can you do to Hire Great Sales Talent?

Building Sales Culture-Part Three

New Podcast

What's Coming Up?

Final Thought

Finding Great Sales Talent!

"We have all been bombarded lately with articles in the press, on the news and over the internet concerning the decline in available talent. Most of these stories convey a similar message: “Employers must learn to compete for talent in an ever shrinking pool”. Hiring managers are beginning to feel the pinch as vacancies remain unfilled for longer periods. All too frequently that “perfect candidate” is snatched up by a competitor, leaving you frustrated and wondering why this happened yet again.

These are the opening words from a great article I recently posted at John Smith, a Partner at Kellen James has written a great article for the Sales Community about the challenges of finding a sales talent today. Enjoy the article and then take a minute and share your thoughts on the Blog!

Sales Culture-Part Three

My quest to understand how to build the best sales culture continues! In a third installment on this topic, I want to share some additional answers to the question I have been asking for some time " What is the first thing you think about when you hear the term sales culture?" The feedback continues to be inspiring and very interesting. Here are a few more selected answers. Enjoy!

"When I think of sales culture, I think about the "presence," culture, and attitude of my salespeople. Are they IBM blue suit types, very conservative? Are they jovial, witty, make it fun to engage with my company? A great question I was once asked by a coach was "how do I occur to you." Ask a client that question about your salespeople, and you'll learn a lot about your sales people's culture"

"..positive, needed, results, expectations, and working with inspired people."

"A mentoring program that trains people at their current role and for their future."

"An organization with a sales culture looks to the customer first, recognizing that nothing ever happens until somebody sells something....From investing in resources, assets, and skills that are focused on customer benefits."

New Podcast - The Value of the Value Proposition

The next podcast in my series is now ready for you to listen and enjoy! Do you know your value proposition? Check it out at the Todd Media Center!

What's Coming Up?

May 6th - The Next Meeting of The Innovators Club. The topic will be "Stop Waiting for Web 3.0 - The Next Major Iteration of the Web has Already Started" Our speaker will be Daniel Endy, of Endy Technology Associates, Inc. RSVP Now! with an email to

May 13th - Philadelphia LinkedIn Social and Panel Discussion on using LinkedIn. I will be one of the sponsors of this meeting! I hope you can join us at Rembrandt's in Philadelphia! If you area Philadelphia LinkedIn user interested, you need to join LinkedIn Live - Philly group and you will be sent an e-Vite. Join LinkedIn Live Philly by going to my profile and clicking on the Liberty bell icon for LI Live Philly.

Final Thought

<<First Name>>, there are 8 months left in 2008 to make and exceed your plan! What are you doing differently to make sure you hit your 2008 goals?

As always, Good Selling!


10 Digits Away!

If you are faced with the choice of calling or emailing, what do you do? I suggest you think about calling! The best offense is your voice and your sales energy. Let people hear you. Check out out my blog entry on this topic!

The New Todd is Coming!

The voices of the Sales Community have been heard! The next version of my website is right around the corner. Look for the official launch around May 15th and at the same time I will be launching

More on Sales Culture
Sales culture is about how we communicate and hold people accountable. Sales culture can be achieved through actions and coaching and accorodingly grow over time and take a long term view. Companies can set the tone of the sales culture and then build the sales organization around it. The sales culture is developed and improved over time.
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