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Todd Cohen, Sales Leader
Dear <<First Name>>,

Happy New Sales Year!

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It’s a New Sales Year!

Do you have your Sales Mojo?

Innovators Club first meeting

New Podcast-Great Sales Leaders

A New Sales Year

<<First Name>>, 2008 is here and its time to get off to a fast start. Whatever kind of selling you do, having a productive Q1, where you finish above your goal makes all the difference in whether you will have a great year or one where you will be constantly behind the curve. Do the right things now and make it a strong and decisive start. Time is of the essence-don’t waste a minute of the quarter! One thing that is worth repeating again and...make sure your business plan is up to date and you are ready to execute. Remember, you one chnace per year to set the tone to have a great sales year. Now is the time!

Sales Mojo!

Do you have your Sales Mojo? I have written a blog on this topic and it all boils down to making sure you have your head in the game for 2008. You can do all the other things right, but if you don’t have your energy and mojo ready, you will have a struggle. Perhaps the most important part to making a strong start in 2008 is to make sure that you are mentally ready to tackle the year. It’s personal and it’s important that your confidence be in high gear. Fuel your fast start with passion and enthusiasm. Everything is possible and as I talked about in my whitepaper, you create your own success. Please check out the blog and as always I am interested in what you think!

The Innovators Club

The Innovators Club launched on January 8! Over 45 people attended our first meeting and many of them are members of the sales community. It was a fun and informative event and our keynote speaker, Chuck Sacco, the CEO of PhindMe, had the crowd engaged and very interested in the growing field of mobile marketing. The Innovators Club next meeting is February 12 at The Great American Pub in Conshohocken, PA. For more in formation and updates on our next speaker, check out the Innovators Club blog!

A New Podcast-"Great Sales Leaders"

I have released my latest podcast called “Great Sales Leaders”. We all know sales professionals we call great and we and have worked with them. Please make sure you visit the Media Center and listen! Thank you for your response to all of my podcasts! Your comments and input have been amazing and most welcome. Please keep them coming.

<<First Name>>, how can I help you with your selling? Let me know!

Good Selling!


Todd Cohen, Sales Leader

Todd's Tip

Are you starting 2008 by being a strong and effective networker? Make sure you are up to date with your online networking profile on sites such as Linked-In! People are looking to make decisons. Make sure YOU are found.


“In a relatively short time, Todd has provided substantial value as both a sales leader and a personal coach. As a sales leader, he has proven abilities to bring a sales orientation to a technology startup business. As a personal coach, Todd constantly pushes to ensure that this entrepreneur stays focused on the things that will bring the company growth and results."

 "Todd is what sales should always be. Todd = Sales. He speaks with enthusiasm and passion....and deep knowledge on sales topics and issues. I could not have picked a better speaker on this subject.”

"I enjoyed your presentation...your funnel analogy was very effective. Thanks for helping me refocus my job search efforts.....By the way, your podcast sounds great!"

I just read your whitepaper and found it to be the ABC's of successful selling. It applies to any selling and is an excellent paper! I will recommend it to my sales team for reading. I really liked the Sales Triad of Professional, Emotional and Personal".

"...Your seminar was quite an eye opener for me…Speaking for the Finance folk majority, your tips are invaluable."

"... your enthusiasm and passion for sales, marketing and networking is contagious!....."

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