Virtual Q/A with Todd Cohen

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Todd Cohen’s Lunch and Sales Q/A w. Special Guest, Geoffrey Klein – “Your Signature Story is your Sales Tool. Build Yours Today.”

  What’s the best treatment against the corona crisis for your business?  Effective communication and the power of the story!   Your signature story is how people will remember you and separate you from the other people who are using bad sales tactics. It is more important than ever to craft a message that connects with […]


Special Toddcast ” Wellness is Crucial to Recovery” w. Dr. Heather Hersh, PsyD.

With over 20 years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, Ivy League professor, and public educator, Heather brings warmth, compassion, and wisdom to help people move forward in their lives. She has extensive experience with people from all walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds, careers, cultures and religion, ages, genders, and sexual identities. Heather passionately […]


Business Recovery Toddcast w. Guest Gerry Lantz – “Branding Sells YOU: PIVOT YOUR BRAND AT YOUR PERIL.”

Some experts recommend that you "pivot" your brand during this crisis. Ignore them! PIVOT YOUR BRAND AT YOUR PERIL. Your brand should remain unshakeable, reliable, and yes, persuasive. Of course, adapt your messaging, products, and services to meet your clients' urgent needs right now and later. If ever there was a time to magnify and dramatize […]


Business Recovery Toddcast ” The Seven Principles of the NEW Sales Culture AFTER-Covid”

Todd Cohen - ZOOM:

Business recovery is a precarious and challenging task. The line between success and failure is thin and delicate. What does that mean for your company and your culture?  I have the answer for you.  It starts and ends with people and how they see themselves in the company and the contribution they make to the […]


Toddcast Lunch and Sales Q/A with Steve Scebelo, Interim President, of the NFL Players, Inc.

Virtual Event Virtual Event

NEW DATE!!!! Negotiating change: an NFL Players Inc. case study in developing new markets. Steve will provide insights on how NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing business of the NFL Players Association, launched new content, venture and agency businesses that ultimately led to the foundation of an entire new company, OneTeam Partners, in conjunction […]

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