5 Technologies That Will Power Your Sales Culture

Once upon a time there were salesmen, just salesmen. And they used phones to call their customers. Sometimes they sent letters. They were frequently on the road. A typical salesman would have a calendar and maybe a notebook. The better ones kept index cards, on which they wrote information about their customers and prospects and stored them in a way that they could follow up with them now and again. That was the culture back then. It worked, and we made our numbers.

But that is not the culture today. Because today, great organizations understand that it’s not just the salespeople who generate revenue. It’s the accounting staff. The customer service group. The field technician. The engineers and the research assistants. Today, everyone’s in sales. Everyone who has interactions with potential and current customers can have an impact on whether that customer does – or continues to do – business with a company. Everyone plays a role in whether the client says yes or no.

Great companies with a sales culture have created environments where everyone can see his or her “line of sight to revenue.” It’s exciting, and it gets the entire company focused and thinking about how they can do more – not about how fast they can leave. Growing a great sales culture means creating a transparency across the enterprise where all stakeholders know what’s happening with each client and opportunity! And these same great companies that understand that everyone’s in sales also understand the powerful part that technology plays in this process. A great sales culture cannot be great without great technology.

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