Be Yourself. Know Yourself. Be Passionate.

Dear Sales Community,

Recently I hosted a panel of experts on the topic of career transition and as the panel discussion was winding up, I asked this final question of the panel: “If you had one main point you want to leave us with, what would that be?” After a moment of thought, the first panelist answered “Be yourself.” The second panelist answered “Know yourself,” and the third panelist answered “Be passionate about what you do.”

I was struck by these answers for their simplicity and clarity. It really does apply to everyone and to us as sales professionals. So, let me ask you a question: As a sales professional, are you being yourself with clients and your virtual team? Do you know yourself so that you understand what your strengths and challenges are? If you know yourself, then that breeds confidence, which will inspire your clients. Finally, are you passionate about sales and selling?  Do you like what you are doing?

As sales professionals, we have to be at the top of your game every day we see clients and work with our peers. The competition is never more then a quarter step behind you ready to step in and take your business. You must have your game on, and the best way to make sure is to…know yourself, be yourself, and make darn sure your clients feel your passion about what you do!

These three little statements can make all the difference in the world to your success as a sales professional.

Good Selling!


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