Economic Slowdown?

Hardly a day passes without some news agency reporting some sort of impending doom for the economy. I listen very carefully and try to make sense of it, seek out experts, and ask questions. I have talked to professionals from all walks of life, and everyone has some compelling vision of what is coming. Obviously, I am most concerned about helping the sales community protect itself against a downturn. I have devoted my column this week to sharing some of my thoughts about what we can do to make sure the sales keep coming in and we stay sharp! In my career, I have been through a few significant slowdowns, and one thing I have noticed is that some sales pros keep closing and some don’t!

I called a number of my colleagues the last few days and asked what they did to keep the wheels spinning. I had some great conversations, and much of what they said was common sense and was very much in line with my thoughts as well. Slowdowns do not have to mean shutdowns! Doing the right things and being proactive every day are significant differentiators, and staying positive is critical as well. Listen…clients still need to buy. Companies need to keep operating. and we have to help them see the value of what we offer more than ever!

Today, I am asking you, the sales community, what do you do to keep selling?

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