If You Don’t ASK, You Won’t GET

Dear ToddCohen.com Sales Community – 

As we close in on the end of the year, it’s important to revisit one one the most important, simple, (at times) terrifying, and most often neglected component of a sales campaign.

Do you know of what I speak? You do…I know it! It’s so simple – we need to make sure that we ASK for the order. The other day. I was conducting a training class and one of the sales professionals in the class reminded me of a phrase that I learned many years ago: “If you don’t ask, you won’t get” – in other words, don’t expect your clients to close the deal for you!

Many years ago, I was traveling with my manager, and we had an appointment to see the decision-maker at one of my accounts. As she was signing the deal, which was the culmination of an 11-month sales campaign, my manager asked the client what she thought of the sales process (in other words, what did she think of me as her sales rep!). The client looked at her and said “Well, it has been good experience, and I would have actually bought sooner, but I was never asked.”

Boom. Needless to say, I GOT that message loud and clear. My manager (who was a wonderful coach) made sure we used this as a coaching moment – and I GOT IT! So…remember part of being a sales professional is not waiting for the client to GIVE you the order!

Good ASKING for the order.


2 thoughts on “If You Don’t ASK, You Won’t GET”

  1. Great list Andrew. My poerlbm is I do all or most of what is needed, but then I think, “will this really sale?” I am learning though to have more faith in myself. Many thanks to you.I have decide that you only fail if you don’t try.Thank you for the wonderful reminders to keep me on the right track.Blessing,Debbie

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