Just Say “No”

I have had enough of listening to salespeople tell me that to close the deal they are “giving in” to every imaginable concession. In fact, some of these concessions are so ridiculous that they make the overall deal either unprofitable or impossible to deliver and maintain a reasonable level of customer satisfaction and service success. Every time we give in, we create a lopsided situation and lose ground…and we run the risk of weakening ourselves in our clients’ eyes. I don’t mean that we can’t negotiate and find a reasonable alternative to meet our clients’ needs (I am trying not to use the cliché “win-win”).

So what’s the point here? That it’s okay to say “no” to some “demands” – and ultimately the deal if it’s truly not one where you maintain profitability (I’m not talking about greed here). If you know that you can’t deliver at and preferably above client expectations, then agreeing to demands is more damaging in the long run. At times, saying “no” to a deal in the name of doing the right thing will earn you respect. It also will send the message that you are not just another vendor, but that you are a valued part of your clients’ agenda and part of their path to success and meeting their goals.

So when you are about to make what you know is a bad deal, stop and think about how acquiescing so much is NOT likely in the best interests of either the client or your company. That’s the point! A client who gets a super deal and then suffers in delivery or satisfaction doesn’t really gain at all. Say “no” and see what happens. You might be surprised at how well the deal works out and how your relationship with the client is improved and made more stable for the long term. Be a part of HOW they are successful and saying “no” will be a thing of the past.

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