Many of you are naturals at the “art” of networking. Some have to work harder at it. Some are terrified to network. I have always enjoyed the process because I have always thought and believed that it is just a natural extension of what we do as sales pros! Meeting and greeting with a “mission” in mind is not a bad thing. Everyone does it. Even non-sales professionals!

I do think that we have to approach networking essentially the same way when we are pursuing business development or perhaps engaged in a job search. If you are skilled and comfortable at developing and nurturing relationships in your personal life, then I think you should be able to apply those skills to successful networking. Right?

I have been attending seminars recently that are about how to network. There are many consistent themes and messages. Three that stand out for me are:

  1. Never STOP networking during your entire career. Period.
  2. Networking can and should be natural for sales pros.
  3. You do not have to stop what you are doing to network. It is part of what we do.

I have asked Ford Myers, President of Career Potential, LLC, to comment on this topic for us. I hope you enjoy his article.

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