Sales Is NOT a 5-Letter Word!

Dear Sales Community,

Shhhh, don’t let anyone hear me tell you this, but you are IN sales! It’s OK, don’t panic. Take a few deep breaths. It’s true. It does not matter what you do, whether you are employed or in a career transition.

Intriguing to me is when people think that sales is a “5-letter word” and we all sell. In my work lecturing at companies and helping build their Sales Culture, the one consistent thing is that when we show people how much of what they do has a selling component to it, it’s easy to see how we all sell. It’s exciting to then understand how your role in a sales campaign enhances your ability to impact the bottom line and increase professional security. In other words, when you help a sales campaign become transparent to all in an organization, you are selling and are on the “A” team.

So, if sales is a 5-letter word, I would like to suggest that that word is “success.” Ok, that’s seven letters – but I am sure you get my meaning!
Good Selling!


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