Speaking of Sales to Future Members of the Philadelphia Sales Community

Last night, I had the honor and privilege to be a guest lecturer at Peirce College in downtown Philadelphia. I had a very exciting opportunity to speak to a marketing class on one of my very favorite topics “Everyone Is in Sales.” This class comprised bright working adults getting their degrees. They are all working and planning to get to the next level in their professional lives.

We covered this topic with four main concepts. We talked about the intersection of marketing and sales, then we discussed the core idea that we are ALL in sales, from there we segued into a lively conversation on the need to develop a professional value proposition, and then we concluded with the absolute need for and value of networking.

I was extremely impressed with the class and their level of engagement! They were very interested in understanding how what they are learning in marketing relates to sales. I think they all understood how they will sell themselves over the course of their lives, both professionally and personally. They engaged and challenged me, and we all had much fun with the material. I have to say that I am still on a “professional high” today! I have always loved speaking in public about sales and other things that I am passionate about…and this topic tops the list for me.

Many thanks to the course professor, my friend and colleague Mike Hughes, for inviting me and allowing me to give back to people and hopefully make a small difference in their lives. It certainly did make a difference to me! I want to extend a warm and hearty welcome to the entire class into the Philadelphia sales community!

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Sales to Future Members of the Philadelphia Sales Community”

  1. Todd-

    Thanks for delivering a timely, exciting and RELEVANT seminar last night. Many of my students commented to me that the points you raised and the experiences you shared were most useful- and practical well past the duration of this course.

    I look forward to having you return to my marketing classes- your enthusiasm and passion for sales, marketing and networking is contagious!


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