The People of a Sales Culture

The people of a sales culture are not just salespeople. Interesting concept. So who are these people?

You will be surprised. The people of a sales culture include all of the organizational members who practice what I have defined as the essential selling skills of great sales professionals. Those skills are:

  • Strong personal skills
  • Strong relational skills
  • Excellent business acumen.

When I present workshops and training to prepare professionals to grow in a sales culture, we include many people who don’t have “sales” in their job title. Some people are surprised to learn that they have a role in the sales culture and that they can develop their skills to make a greater contribution to their organization’s success.

Personal, relational, and business skills allow all the people of the sales culture to work together to create and leverage customer relationships. Most important, though, is the recognition that these customer relationships all depend on internal employee relationships. We all sell. The sales culture appears!

Good Selling IN the Sales Culture!


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