Is The “Thank You” Extinct?

Has the art of the “thank you” become extinct?  Has it become a casualty in our insanely over-connected, rushed and reactive world we live in?  I fear so, and I hope that we can save the “thank you” from extinction!  As a keynote speaker I am often asked to do a presentation “pro-bono” and when

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Three Words to Avoid!

There are three words that are absolutely deadly to sales, our careers and our very psyche. These three words when uttered send a very negative message  to everyone around us.  These words  – just nine letters and one apostrophe can have an incredibly detrimental effect on our ability to create new relationships, establish credibility and

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2016 is The Year of the Ask!

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it. – Maya Angelou Let’s consider where you are as we begin 2016.  Hopefully you had a great 2015 and you some newfound passion and our confidence. You polished your value propositions until they shone like fine silver. You built relationships, built trust, built understanding,

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Intuitive Curiosity – A Key Skill of Great Sales Professionals

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what makes certain sales professionals better than others. More specifically, what gives some sales professionals that “edge”? Do elements just exist naturally within the DNA of great sales professionals that you can’t teach? There are many factors that set certain sales professionals apart from the rest, and today I’m declaring

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Sales Manager Alert! Q3 is Here!

Q3 is here. We all know that now! So-now what? Business as usual? Well, yes and no. Now is the time that you as sales leaders need to be kicking your teams into high gear (more than before) and thinking about how you will coach and manage them for not only the 2nd half, but helping them get set up for a a strong Q1 2009 start.

Can We Get Sales and Marketing to Play Nice Together?

There is an ongoing tension in some companies, based on false stereotypes,between the Sales Department and the Marketing Department. Talk to theSales staff and they’ll tell you that marketing doesn’t get them enoughqualified leads. Talk to the Marketing staff and they’ll tell you that they do generate those leads, but sales doesn’t properly follow up on them because they spend most of their time entertaining clients in fancy restaurants and on the golf course…when they aren’t going to the bank to cash their fat commission checks! Remember the false stereotypes!!!