Your Next Sale Is Just 10 Digits Away

Email is everywhere. Texting is the new…whatever. New forms of communication (if you want to call it that) are popping up everywhere. I can’t figure out how to make it all work for me and especially how to balance it all! It rules our lives, or so it feels at times. Just today, I received messages in six different ways, all delivered to my phone. Yikes! Talk about anxiety trying to keep track of them all and respond. The common thread of all these is the lost art of the phone call. I like my voice – and more important, I like hearing other people’s voices! I have always believed that the secret to getting what we want and the key to selling and selling ourselves depends and thrives on effective and consistent (“obsessive”) communication.

Communication is the lifeblood of an organization. When you have an opportunity to talk or email with someone, what do you choose? Why did you choose that manner of communication? I realize that there are some things that need to be documented, but not everything needs to be in email. I have seen and experienced the vast improvement in communication and effectiveness when the choice is made to pick up the phone, dial those 10 digits, and (gasp!) talk to someone.

When someone hears your passion and interest in what they have to talk about, they become motivated and encouraged and get you care about them. Taking the time to connect in a more intimate way is meaningful, and I believe send a message that “you matter to me.” Not that email doesn’t do this – and of course it has a place – but there is nothing like the voice. It can’t be duplicated, replaced, or marginalized. It’s your personal calling card and your heart and soul.

The idea that everyone is just “10 digits away” becomes more important now that the competition to close business and get what we need, want, and deserve is getting more fierce. You are responsible to communicate better and more effectively with your peers and clients. I encourage each of you to think the next time you are emailing: Is it easier to email or to pick up the phone and communicate live? Would I get to the end result faster? Would I make someone feel special and then be seen differently? If the answer is “yes,” step away from your favorite device and dial those 10 digits! I want to hear from you, and I know others do as well!

Good Selling and Good Dialing!


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