An Excerpt from My Upcoming Book on Sales Culture!

Dear Sales Community,

“So you don’t want to be in sales? Salespeople are full of themselves. They say and do anything to get you to buy. They are your best friend until you buy. Then you never hear from them again. If you want to really know what a product does or about its value to you, you need to talk with someone else. Can you even find that other person?  What happens if your product is unsatisfactory?  A nightmare has begun.

“…As the world changes, so must we all change to accommodate or we fall behind. Creating  a culture in which all in your organization feel a part of the sales process is what a sales culture is all about. It is not the sales that matter as much as the needs of the customer. When all in your company feel the customer’s pain and understand his needs, they can offer support to the salesperson in meeting those needs.

The  customer relationship is then solidified to ward off the dynamic factors of the 21st century that might interrupt your service to a customer. You and the customer are partners when you operate from a customer-centric perspective. Helping all  in your organization understand this perspective and working towards meeting the customer needs describe the essence of a sales culture…”

More to come and I hope you enjoy!

Good Selling!


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