Are You Mentorvating?

Dear Sales Community,

I am hereby pleased to announce a brand new word to the international lexicon of sales vernacular! Ready? The word is “mentorvate.”

OK, I admit it – I talk too fast sometimes. The other day I was engaged with a client, and we were talking about the main job of a sales leader.  When I suggested to him the real answer was “to coach, develop, mentor and motivate…”, I said it so fast that it came out sounding something like “the number-one job of a sales leader is to coach, develop, and mentorvate your people…”!!

In case you’re still trying to figure this out, I merged the words mentor and motivate, not intentionally, but a new word was born. We all stopped and smiled and laughed for a few minutes, and then I realized how I have pretty much destroyed the English language for the day, but I have coined a new word.

The point is this – as long as you understand what your job as a sales leader is – to coach develop, mentor, and motivate – it’s OK if you want to mentorvate instead. Just do it well and consistently. Your salespeople depend on it, and your collective success is based on it.

Good Selling!


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