Do You Have a Case of Chronic Covid Complacency?

Do you think your ability to achieve your goals – sales, personal, or otherwise is possible by cramming in more video calls?

 Guess again. That’s low-hanging fruit and the easy way to say you are keeping your activity high. But, it’s the same as submitting your resume 100 times online. It’s a black hole, and it’s lazy. Relationships and referrals don’t happen because you make more calls. They happen because you see more people. Now, don’t get smart and play semantics with me. You KNOW I mean live and in-person meetings.

Do you have a chronic case of “Covid Complacency?” You are not alone.

 Consider this: One LIVE, well-timed, and productive meeting with someone where you have 100% of their attention will have an outcome more positive vs. ten virtual meetings where if you are lucky, you might have 50% of their attention? Oh, and by the time they go to the next call, you have been mostly forgotten because there is more distracting them post-call (doorbell, dog, kids, jumping on the Peloton, or receiving another Amazon package). So, that one live meeting where your ask is heard and received is worth more than most things online. That’s why my close rate is 100%, and yours can be too.

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 People are sick of endless and nonstop virtual meetings. We lose our ability to meaningfully and authentically connect as the day goes on, and if you are the last meeting of the day, you think you have their already shrunken and distracted mindshare? You do not. You are just another one in a long line of mind-numbing video calls where everything that can distract you and them is happening. This impacts the ability to listen and concentrate. It has an enormous effect on the power of your client to hear your “ask.” You might as well not bother. But, hey, you made your activity numbers, right? Wrong. You have just wasted part of your day – every day. Do the numbers on that, and you will be in for a shock.

 Get up off your butt, and start doing it the new-old way.

If you want to be remembered ahead of everyone else who took the easy road, you need to be there, and I don’t mean on video. Today, the successful salesperson will take to the road and make the time and effort to get out from behind the screen.

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Todd Cohen, CSP, has been inspiring and motivating audiences for over 12 years, teaching them to sell themselves to achieve goals and incredible success. His sales culture keynotes and workshops are in demand from audiences from every background, including salespeople! Delivering approximately 85 appearances every year worldwide, Todd leaves people with a story to tell and feeling great about themselves! You can book him at:

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