“The customer had to call me and say that it wasn’t me.” They chose another vendor because they “lost confidence after each interaction with the people they met along the way.” It gave him reason to pause and reconsider.

I heard this “sales post mortem” from a lady I consider one of the best salespeople I have ever met. Her frustration was palpable, and she was upset because the company didn’t get it. Unfortunately, I have heard this more and more, and it’s infuriating. Further to my point, the first impulse by bad sales management is to ask, ” what didn’t the salesperson do right?”

The real question that leadership MUST ask is, “what didn’t we as a company do right?” Bam. In other words, where did the culture fail?

If a customer complains about the feeling they got from anyone they interacted with – I.T., Customer Service, Ops, H.R. Finance, Legal, or the janitor and it gives them a reason to pause, you don’t have a sales problem. You have a cultural problem. A serious one. The company’s future is riding on the courage to deal with it. Your culture is siloed, and your customer feels it. Then they question if they are making the right decision with your company. The question that individuals’ commitment and focus by everyone who is part of the sale.

The answer is you better create a sales culture and instill into every single person that they are “in sales.” Everything everyone does – their mindset about the impact they have – sends a powerful message to the client that they have made a good decision or a bad one. If it’s the latter, they run to the competition, and the finger-pointing begins. Usually, that starts with ” I’m just the” or “sales, not my job.” From a customer viewpoint, everyone better is on the same page—otherwise, no deal.

Make no mistake. Silos kill companies for precisely this reason. So next time your company loses sales – regardless of size -get your head out of the sand and start asking the hard questions. 

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Todd Cohen, CSP, has inspired and motivated audiences for over 12 years, teaching them to sell themselves to achieve incredible success goals. His Sales Culture Keynotes and Workshops are in demand from audiences from every background, including salespeople! Delivering approximately 85 appearances every year worldwide, Todd’s brand of tough love leaves people with a story to tell and feeling great about themselves! You can book him at: toddcohen.com/book-todd/


  1. Todd, as usual you you’re right on target. It’s amazing how many companies still don’t get that anytime anyone in your company interacts in any way with a prospect or customer can strengthen or destroy the relationship.

  2. With all the conversations around customer experience, you were way ahead of the curve with your message and approach. Everyone needs to hear the message.

  3. Great message Todd. Recently I have been asking my clients to consider this question: “What is it that you need to improve in your company so that you won’t ever negatively impact a customer project schedule?”. The discussions have been interesting and sobering. Keep being amazing my friend!!

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