Just Do It (Right) the First Time

Dear ToddCohen.com Sales Community,

I am exhausted! I have heard enough excuses this past week why people are not closing deals! I think that the time of year makes sales reps and some sales professionals a bit crazy, and this year is not an exception! We are all in the mode to work to do everything we can to get the deals closed and invoiced. So, here is the deal: Do you want to close more deals? Do you want to raise your close ratio and your profit ratio? Then get it right the first time!

I have taken the time to look at more proposals and listen to additional sales calls these past few weeks, and the one thing that has become glaringly apparent is that mistakes and omissions are being made and they are completely avoidable! When these mistakes are made, the entire sales campaign is delayed and your credibility is lowered in your client’s eyes!

Get it right the first time! It’s simple. Listen to your client. Do the right amount of discovery and propose what makes sense and what is based on the client’s needs! Don’t get tripped up on the small stuff! Please take your time and be a great sales professional.

Get it right the first time!

Good Selling!


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