Sales Culture Tuesdays Started April 22nd at 9 am

In case you missed it on April 22nd I launched “Sales Culture Tuesdays”.  I will be releasing a new video every Tuesday at 9 am on a sales culture topic! You can watch the first video below!

They are free and all you need to do is visit a special Linked In group I have  established for this called “Sales Culture Tuesdays”.  Here is the link Sales Culture Tuesday  Its all free and I hope you will find them helpful and beneficial to you.  The initial run is 13 weeks and after that I will have new ones for you.  The final note here is for you to please share your comments and thoughts with us.  Your input and feedback on the topics would be awesome!

Enjoy and see you on Tuesdays at 9 am. Good Selling and Viewing!


“Sales Culture Tuesday” April 22 from Todd Cohen on Vimeo.

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