Sales Professional Versus Sales Representative: the Culture Differences

Dear Sales Community,

Lately, much of my speaking and training has been focused on the (vast) differences between sales reps and sales professionals. They have two different modes of operation and styles of work. Sales reps are focused on the present, the here and now of a specific sale. They are fully engaged in providing product information and getting a contract signed. There is usually not too much complexity in this task or role, except when they need their organization behind them – which is all of the time.

Sales professionals are focused on the sales campaign and the virtual team of supporters who contribute much expertise to the close of the sale. They deal with more complexity and a collaborative sales process. They are focused, passionate, and genuinely interested in the best results for the customer. It shows!

Both roles are needed depending upon the sales situation. The culture of the company, as well as of the customer’s company, dictates when to be a sales rep and when to be a sales professional.

This is just a brief snippet from my full-day workshop “Solid Sales Rep and Genius Sales Professional.”

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2 thoughts on “Sales Professional Versus Sales Representative: the Culture Differences”

  1. i believe the major difference is that a Sales Professional is in sales by choice and continues to perform their job taking in as much new knowledge as possible about the best ways – not to sell – but the best ways to help the customer or prospect.

    Todd thank you for keeping relevant topics in front of us

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