Are You Easy?

Are you easy?  Are you easy to do business with?  I don’t mean your company.  I mean you. Individually and alone.  Are you someone that people find it easy to get something done and feel good about the business arrangement?

It’s very easy and too convenient in todays over connected and hyper world we live in to forget that people do business with people.  Trite but true.  Yes, we do billions of dollars over the internet and in some cases we are doing business with machines.  Don’t overthink this – and you need to know the answer to this. Further being someone easy to do business with means more than the traditional buyer and seller arrangement – it’s also employee and employer.  People do not look for the most difficult way and difficult person to do business with.

So how can you assess if you are easy to do business with?  Try these five tips out and see how they work for you:

  1. Do you say “yes” more than “no”?  When your clients and colleagues ask something of you do you make it happen?  If you have roadblocks YOU need to plow through you don’t air that dirty laundry.  Don’t be someone who is UN-approachable because you are a “NO can do” kind of person.  Be approachable because you make it easy to be approached.
  2. The old “but” vs. “and” thing.  When approached to do business are you more of a “and” then a “but” person?  No one likes to have their needs first answered with the word “but”.  This creates a level of defensiveness that erodes relationships and keeps people from wanting to do business with you or work with you.
  3. Are your calls and emails answered?  Always a good indicator (but not fail proof) of how your colleagues and clients see you.  It certainly stands to reason that if you are easy to do business with then you will be seen as a priority in the eyes of people you do business and collaborate with.
  4. Altruism vs. Narcissism.  People will find it easy to do business with you and they will do more business with you when they know it’s about them and not you.  Are you truly transparent about putting others first?  WARNING –this prime example of where lip service rears its ugly head.
  5. You want and NEED to know if you are easy to do business with.  Be vulnerable and ask people.  Listen bravely and keep listening.

The truest way to know if you are easy to do business with is YOU.  Don’t blame others or your company because you are seen as not being easy to do business with.  This is on you first.  There is a difference between you and (which you can control) and things you can’t control like company policy.  In fact, it’s very common to be successful despite other obstacles because you make it easy for people to work with you.  You are accountable for what you can control and rational client and colleagues see and get that.

Here is the final thought on this topic. Don’t overthink this.  The more you overthink it, the less likely you are to be open with yourself.  The more open you are internally the more likely you will convey the message to those around you that you are easy (to do business with). Be a pleasure and not a pain.

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