Cool Sales Professionals!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been a little slow to get my blogging back online because I have been working on my book. But I have to share this story of some amazing sales professionals I encountered yesterday! Are  you ready? I was in the supermarket and as I was leaving, I was treated to one of the best sales pitches I have ever seen. It was by a group of adorable 7-year-old girls selling Girl Scout cookies!

Let me tell you why they were awesome. They asked me if I “had a moment.” They asked me how I was doing and “Do you like cookies?” They took the time to explain the different kinds of cookies, and one of them never took her eyes off me. She asked me what my favorite was, and then proceeded to make a recommendation! One young lady was very concerned that I got my favorite kind (Thin Mint), and when it seemed like they were out, she asked me very politely if she could ask her mother to go to the car and see if there were any left (there were….whew!).

Finally…they asked me to buy! They put the close on me and I did! They earned the right to close me because they were patient and passionate, and they made me feel as if they wanted to make sure I had the cookies I wanted. These young ladies educated me, listened to my needs, and asked me to buy! Wait, then they asked me to send my friends – a referral! True sales professionals creating sales culture. I love it. Lessons to be learned for all of us.

Good Selling!


3 thoughts on “Cool Sales Professionals!”

  1. steve okabayashi

    dude-awesome story. they do the things we take for granted.
    your newsletter is great, i admit, i don’t read it cover to cover, but pick the things that look interesting to me

    Sharing with a few friends of mine who are techies and always learning to sell.

    steve o

  2. Love this story, Todd. As the mom of a girl scout, we employed a slightly different strategy…hung around outside the corner tavern and every guy who came outside for a cigarette bought at least one box from my cute Brownie. She even got a $5 tip from one! Not sure what lesson was learned, but we moved a case of cookies in 15 minutes!!

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