Where Is the Follow Up?

Dear ToddCohen.com Sales Community,

It’s time to really rant again! Three weeks ago today, I was given a proposal for services by a local company. Do you know what? Not only was the proposal poorly done, but also the vendor has yet to call me and see if I have received said “proposal” and if I had any reaction. Nothing. Nary a phone call, an email, a telegraph, carrier pigeon…nada, zip, silence. I keep checking my phones for a dial tone – still working. My PC has not suffered any email outages – still receiving. What kind of selling is that? I will tell you. Lousy selling. In fact, it’s not selling at all.

What it says to me is when a vendor submits a proposal and does not care enough to call and get a reaction and talk about it, he or she DOES NOT WANT MY BUSINESS. Period. There is no other answer. I am obviously just not important enough to call. Entitlement and arrogance are not the salesperson’s friend! There is no sales professional who can come up with an excuse that would make me believe otherwise. Yes, I understand that things happen in our personal lives that might get in the way, but that’s the exception. No, I am not taking this personally. I invested time with this vendor, explaining my business, my vision, and what the future could hold for me and for my partners. All for naught. A waste of time and my breath.

Selling is an art and it is challenging to do well. One of the most important things we as sales professionals need to do is make sure that we let our clients know we WANT their business and we will work hard to earn it. Clients need to know that the vendor cares enough to follow through and will create open dialog and communication as part of the selling process. Setting the bar during the proposal process will set the right expectations post sale! If I were to now somehow give my business to this vendor who does not care (I have a better chance at regrowing all of my hair), then I am saying it’s OK not to make my business a priority. The service I receive will be below par. This is not a good way to start a relationship.

To all of the sales professionals in and out of the ToddCohen.com sales community…please, please make sure you are following up effectively and efficiently. Your prospect will respect that and likely give you business. Doing otherwise is a sure way to lose business.

Good Selling and Good Follow-up!


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