Stop saying, “virtual selling is here to stay.” it never left.

“Virtual selling is here to stay.” Thanks for that newsflash. Here is the more important news; it never left. Virtual selling is not one thing – it’s a wide array of ways to engage people. If you are using the ( gasp) phone, texting, email, or anything OTHER than a face-to-face call, you are selling virtually, and yes, we have been ZOOMing for years.

Here is the real question: How many will default to a virtual sales call over the face-to-face call? How many will get lazy or complacent and opt not to go the extra mile and meet with people? How many will say, “I can squeeze in a sales call before my workout?” How many will be lulled into a false sense of security that opting for a virtual meeting is better or gives them an advantage? It might help you meet the numbers, but it will not accelerate relationships.

Sadly, when people don’t realize the extreme advantage of people being with people, things will ultimately break down.

Yeah, there will be a blend – there always has been – nothing new here. The REAL question is, how many will be skilled enough to know the difference? How many embrace the unfettered advantage of being face to face? How many get the difference to manage the needs of the client effectively? That comes with experience and having seen how both work. I see a day when customers will WANT to have a live meeting, and THAT salesperson will be the one who is remembered. Do you really want the added stress of a sales call when the client doesn’t turn the camera on, they are distracted or not present? It’s much easier and productive to be in person. It always has been and always will be.

The natural bottom line is this: It takes excellent people and engagement skills, maturity, emotional intelligence, and presentation skills to see and know what is happening on that “oh my gosh, this is so cool” ZOOM call. Those skills take time, success, and failure to learn and manage effectively. Just because you made a virtual sales call and ticked, the box is meaningless. What is meaningful is whether you connect, managed the interaction, and differentiated yourself.

Sales is a relationship game. Who has the advantage? Live or ZOOM? It’s rhetorical.

For now and the future, if my clients will see me, then I am there. That will be my competitive edge. Zoom your brains out. I will sell more my way. Bet on it.

Todd Cohen, CSP, has been inspiring and motivating audiences for over 12 years, teaching them to sell themselves to achieve goals and incredible success. His sales culture keynotes and workshops are in demand from audiences from every background, including salespeople! Delivering approximately 85 appearances every year worldwide, Todd leaves people with a story to tell and feeling great about themselves!

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