Coaching vs. Telling

Hello Sales Community,  Are you in a position to be a coach to someone? The answer is “YES”! It does not matter if you are a  sales manager or an individual contributor.  You can always find an opportunity to coach and offer counsel to other sales professionals in your real and virtual world. I …

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Prospecting for Quality Business

Dear Sales Community, Are you prospecting and creating quality business? In other words, are you bringing business to the able that is profitable, actionable, and is a win-win for both parties? Let me suggest that as we go forth and prospect and develop business, always ask yourself, “Is this good business?” Does it make …

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Sales Culture

I want to start a new conversation right now. I am always talking about and being asked my opinion on what makes a great sales culture. This is an important and critical topic for the sales community.

The Innovators Club Lives Large in Philadelphia

Dear Todd Cohen Sales Community, Networking at its finest took place on January 8th in Philadelphia! Our inaugural meeting of my new networking initiative, The Innovators Club, was amazing (standing room only!). The comments have been wonderful and very kind. I want to thank everyone who came – you made the night special and made …

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Job for Life? Not!

One of my favorite parts of being a sales professional is that my skills (and yours) are transportable. Like some other professions, we can take what we do and be successful in many places and industries. Essentially, as long as we continue to demonstrate that we can deliver the business, we should enjoy employment. The …

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